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Electric Sweeper and main difference electric washing machine

electric Sweeper with an electric washing machine main differences: electric washing machine is washing, brushing, sucked in one of the mechanical equipment.

    electric Sweeper is a sweeping, vacuuming in one of the mechanical equipment. Electric Sweeper higher efficiency than electric washing machine, electric washing machine cleaner.

    electric Sweeper by side brush, vacuum systems and spray systems operations, can effectively prevent dust and electric washing machine water spray systems, and drying functions can quickly so that the ground becomes dry and clean, each have their own characteristics.

    popular to say, General Electric washing machines were instead of the MOP to use electric Sweeper instead of a broom to use in General.

    contact for electric washing machines and electric Sweeper: both are new cleaning tool, high efficiency, good cleaning effect, and easy to learn, intelligent action is more convenient. Generally is to use batteries as a power source, object services by difference according to the environment, materials and their needs on the ground to make the selection.