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The shortage of domestic sweepers

the shortage of domestic sweepers
with the development of social civilization, now hand-cleaning jobs can no longer meet the needs of modern society, the market for highly reliable, versatile and environmentally friendly Sweeper needs more and more, the market looks forward to meet a variety of needs of Sweeper products coming. Sweeping machines imported from domestic Sweeper product reliability as well, and this is well known.

  there are three major gaps in terms of reliability, the first is the basic domestic instability, domestic base-material and workmanship are inferior to imports of strength. The second factor is the manufacturing process problems, and relatively developed level of industrial development in the Mainland, there is still a lot of room to improve, manufacturing process needs to be improved, indifferent improving takes time for validation of the manufacturing process. The third factor is the technology is not perfect, resulting in congenital deficiency of Sweeper products.

  therefore, to improve the reliability of Sweeper products, first of all to resolve these three problems, and only in the reliability and import of Sweeper products can match when we can compete in the market in a position.