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Product classification

Sweeper sweep the brush is classified

Sweeper sweep the brush in the form of a cylindrical, tapered and three:         

core-1, cylindrical brush by brush, brush hair and fixed brush to brush on the core parts, along the brush bristles are usually bunched conductor cylindrical surface close spacing. To compensate for brush wear and tear caused by the outer diameter of the cylindrical brushes reduce, sometimes the diameter adjustment mechanism. Mao Chang brush wire, open flat strips, fibres and other materials, steel has a high wear resistance. &Nbsp;             

2, with brushes made of two roller chains, two drive sprocket and guide wheel, consisting of a toothed belt flat brush, brush and ground contact area is large, clean ability, but with brush structure is complex, use less. &Nbsp;        

3, tapered brush for the truncated conical brushes wearing Mao jackets on one disc, also known as brush, edges for ease of cleaning the site, cone-shaped brushes are installed on both sides of the device, it is also known as the side brush. To clean trash from the side brushes sweep on the road, brush's axis tilt angle with the ground.