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Sweeper cooling liquid temperature too high

Sweeper coolant temperature is too high to do? During the operation, there are many Sweeper cooling liquid temperature too high will result in normal use, in such cases need not worry, the following tells you the solution.
    error solution is: start the diesel motive after adding water, coolant temperature returned to normal, believing it was the coolant temperature problem, actually to do so, use the temperature will rise again soon, water radiator coolant again.
    in fact, the symptom is on after you replace the antifreeze appears, and then infer quality antifreeze problem. Raised poor quality antifreeze, will bring about changes in the boiling point of the coolant, coolant in metals increased sediment, blocking circulation channels, resulting in poor cooling. After the increase in water temperature and vapour pressure, the coolant will spray through water radiator with water.
    processing method following: split water radiator Xia pipes, with 1 root more rough of rubber tube end received in pump imports, another end received cooling water; again split water thermal device Shang pipes, removed section temperature device; then started diesel engine, using cycle water cleaning waterways, results found has large dirt from waterways in the discharge; waterways cleaning clean Hou, by provides raises meet requirements of cooling liquid, fault disappeared.


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